It is starting September 1st. Verisign, the registry responsible for the .COM extension will increase the prices for new registrations, renewals and transfers for all .COM domains. This also forces us to raise prices.

The price of .COM from September 1 will be EUR 13,00 + VAT.

Partners and subscribers who have custom prices will also see the price of the .COM extension increase and will be visible on the invoice.

Further appreciation of the .COM extension is expected in the coming years

Base prices for .COM extensions have been frozen since 2012 under an agreement with ICANN, but last year Verisign was permitted to raise prices multiple times over the next decade, which then happened for the first time in September 2021.


Extend your .COM domains for up to 9 years at the current price

You can now take advantage and renew your domain for up to 9 years at the current price and save yourself additional costs for future years. You can take advantage of the opportunity until September 1st


Your Domenko team


Monday, August 15, 2022

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